So so so, you’ve been working on something really exciting and now it’s time to tell the world! How exciting! But… do you know how to announce it?

Yes, believe it or not, there is a right way to make an announcement. Whether you’re launching a new product, a new service, or heck, even a brand new business––generating the right amount of hype around your announcement can make all the difference. Let’s walk through how to do it so that you maximize your reach.

6 Tips to Creating Hype Around a Launch

Poll Your Audience

Chances are if you’re creating something new you’ve heard from a few people that there’s a need for it. But, there’s a huge difference between a few people and your entire network! You may have a product or service that people truly need––they just don’t know it yet.
By polling your audience you can show them that there’s something they’re missing.

Once you’ve come up with your idea, start polling your audience and educating them on the topic over the next three, six, or even twelve months!. This is going to set you up as the expert on this topic.

Just think about it––are you more likely to buy a new product from one of your friends if they all of a sudden built an interest in it, or are you more likely to purchase it if they’ve lived, eat, and breathed this product for the last year and you’ve seen the results? Probably the latter. It’s all about meeting your audience’s needs and building their trust. This takes time!

Offer a Freebie

Have you ever heard the phrase “try before you buy?” I know for me, I ALWAYS sign up for a free trial of something before I fully commit. That’s what I did with Buffer, the tool that I use to manage my client’s social media as well as my own. Just like me, your customers want to see if what you’re offering is going to truly meet their needs.

That’s why offering them a little taste of what you’re offering is crucial. You can do this through a freebie, which is just a small snippet from your product or service that someone opts into. In exchange for their email (which you’ll use later), they receive a free downloadable guide that is so valuable it makes them want to learn more by purchasing what you’re selling in the future.

Email Your List

If you’re like me, maaaybe your email list is a little lacking. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in your contacts. Whatever the size of your email list, there is value in sending a personalized message to your contacts. Here’s the truth: sometimes the social media algorithm misses people… but everyone checks their email. You might end up capturing the attention of someone you missed on social media.

Post to Social Media

Social media is a great place to go to share your big announcement! But, there’s a craft to it.

Step 1: Create a Teaser

I typically like to create a bit of a teaser announcement that says I’m working on something super exciting relating to XYZ but doesn’t quite give it away yet. This builds healthy anticipation and gets people excited about what’s coming next.

Step 2: Announce

Next up, announce your product! You’ll want to do this in a way that isn’t “sell, sell, sell.” Try giving some backstory to why you created this product, how it’s helped you, and how it’s going to help your customers. You can also link your social media posts to a blog or landing page on your website that will allow them to get to know you more and eventually convert to a customer.

Step 3: Follow Up

Once you’ve announced, it’s always good to announce *again*… Not in an annoying way though. You don’t want to spam your audience with your big announcement. In fact, it’s smart to include some of your regular social media posts in there as well. Following up a couple times throughout the week with a product preview or a reminder that you’ve launched is helpful.

Tell Your Story on Instagram Story

Instagram Story is a place you can be real. Think about it––when was the last time you saw a company’s owner put their face on camera and just talk about something. Stories are just such a more personal way of reaching your audience. It might be scary, but don’t shy away from getting that virtual face-to-face communication happening.

Tap Into Your Network

You’ve got friends in high places! Tap into your network and ask them to share your new product. This will extend the reach of your product to people beyond your own network. When doing this, it’s courteous to provide them with what they’ll need to share your message. This includes any images or videos, text for the social media caption, and of course the link to the product.

Of course, if you’re asking them to do something you’ll want to be able to return the favor down the road.
So there you have it! 6 tips to create a hype around your launch!

Now go, go, go live your mission! You got this, friends.


Cody Hays

Digital Strategist

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