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Like many organizations, Alabama SkillsUSA was living in the past with their website. It looked straight out of the 90s, y’all. Have no fear, we made it work!

Take a peek:


View the full website.

This project was completed during my employment with TEAMTRI.

About the Organization

Alabama SkillsUSA

Alabama needs a world-class, skilled workforce to lead in global innovation, ensure future economic growth and fill the workforce needs of the jobs you are creating. Unfortunately, Alabama is facing a large workforce skills gap. Many of those who are entering skilled labor, often lack foundational skills needed in the 21st-century workplace. SkillsUSA offers a tangible way to help solve this problem by ensuring that there will be a future workforce trained in the skills industry needs. Alabama SkillsUSA provides students opportunities to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-world scenarios.


Cody Hays

Digital Strategist

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