Non-profits serve some of the greatest causes in the world, most often with limited funding. More so, the constant battle to get your mission and cause in front of people is an uphill battle. I mean, raise your hand if you’ve ever felt like you maxed out all your personal and community connections? Am I right?! Well, I have a unique solution for you: a quiz.

Why You Need a Quiz on Your Nonprofit Website

If you haven’t heard yet, quizzes are becoming quite popular to use as lead generation tools. Whether it’s a personality quiz, a BuzzFeed quiz, an aptitude test, or a questionnaire to help you choose a college major, humans just love taking a good quiz to help answer their questions. So why should you incorporate a quiz into your non-profit’s website?

  1. Quizzes are Great Lead Generators
  2. You Learn More About Your Audience
  3. It Will Boost Your SEO
  4. It Will Give People a Memorable Experience

Read on!

Quizzes are Great Lead Generators

You’ve heard it a thousand times––the money is all in the list. Email marketing is so important to non-profits. I would even go so far to say it’s even more valuable than social media. When you’re developing an online quiz, you have the option to put a form at the very end that requires people to enter their email address in exchange for the magical answer to all their questions. DON’T SKIP THIS! This email address is like chocolate cake, you can never have enough of them.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you should do with that email address:

  1. Create an automated email series for your quiz
  2. Email them the answer to their quiz with an introduction to your organization and a list of blogs or resources that dive deeper into the topic
  3. If you sell products online, end a special offer or discount to your quiz recipients
  4. Use the email address in your next social media ad campagin

You Learn More About Your Audience

A quiz is a perfect way to dive into the mind of your audience. You’re literally asking them 6-20+ questions about their behavior, what they like, what they don’t like, and more! Use this to your advantage and build up your audience personas.

If you have a question that relates to an upcoming campaign or an idea you’re proposing, slip it into your quiz! The key is to make it seem as natural as possible, though!

It Will Boost Your SEO

Both BuzzFeed and the New York Times have reported that quizzes are their highest viewed content! This is GREAT for your search engine optimization (SEO). Quizzes are interactive and engaging, which is why they are so attractive to online viewers of your website. The longer they stay, the better the metrics for you!

A Quiz Gives People a Memorable Experience

The last reason you need a quiz is simple: it will provide a personalized touchpoint for each person that takes it. Why is this important? Well, people remember brands that 1) serve them, and 2) are just plain fun. Think about the 16-personalities or Enneagram! People love these quizzes because they give people valuable insight into themselves and allows them to dive deeper into who they are.

So what do you think? Are you going to add an online quiz to your website and start building your list?


Cody Hays

Digital Strategist